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String Teacher Workshops

Mission Statement


“The mission of the String Academy of Wisconsin is to provide an opportunity for excellence in the pursuit of comprehensive musical study for young violinists, violists, and cellists.”


1. To provide a program of serious study in the violin, viola and cello, in an environment of educational excellence, to students between the ages of 4 and 18:

  • a curriculum involving private and group lessons; ensemble and master classes; and instruction in music theory and history
  • performance in solo, chamber music and chamber orchestra
  • a faculty of professional musicians with advanced degrees in music and special training and dedication to educating young people
  • a commitment to strive and to achieve by the student, and to support and facilitate by the parents.

2. To provide a life model for personal excellence, aggressive goal-setting, and the achievement of one’s potential at a pace unrestrained by external limitations.

3. To provide the basis for a lifelong involvement with and commitment to the performing arts, as a professional, an amateur or a patron.

4. To identify, to enroll, and to support financially and in other appropriate ways, students for whom the Academy is likely to be a positive, life-altering experience that would not otherwise be available.

5. To enhance achievement through financial support based on both merit and need.


1. To compete successfully for the most competent and dedicated teachers of music to young people.

2. To provide a career opportunity that provides professional growth and satisfaction without unduly sacrificing reasonable material objectives that would otherwise be attainable in alternate opportunities, such as collegiate teaching or professional performance.


1. To add to the quality of life in the Milwaukee metropolitan area that contributes to attracting the labor and capital required for economic development.

2. To provide public performances, especially for audiences that would not otherwise have such opportunities.

3. To represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin to other communities, and to encourage cultural exchanges with similar organizations, both foreign and domestic.

September 20, 1990