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Around the Town with Trischa Seaman

Who's in the kitchen?  Jim and Darcy!

Who's in the kitchen? Jim and Darcy!

Mimi threw a great party after the Joshua Bell concert!

String Academy students who diligently sold recital tickets were rewarded with an invitation to an extravagant reception following the Bell concert. These students were: Katy Gorsuch, Meghan McGowan, Diana Stelloh, Sarah Kapustin, Cyrus Beroukhim, Erica Smith, and Marie, Rose and Becky Stenborg.  Board members, some String Academy parents, String Academy faculty (Mimi’s parties are a definite perk of the job) and, of course, Josh and Andy were all in attendance.

Erica, Katie, Eliza and Sara

Sara Kim, Erica Smith, Eliza Hamner, Katie Gorsuch

Mimi’s fare was as scrumptious as ever featuring chicken mirabella, wild rice with shrimp, stuffed mushrooms and a tasty salad.

Pastries were donated by La Patisserie.  It was a decadent evening that gave all of us, especially the students, the wonderful opportunity to see concert artists being real people. It is reassuring to know that Josh Bell eats stuffed mushrooms, goes to the movies and plays basketball.

Many photographs were taken and auto graphs given that February evening.  In years to come, these String Academy students will fondly recall Joshua Bell, the serious performer in his tuxedo, and Josh Bell, the really nice guy in jeans.

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