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Make Miracles Happen!

Miracle on Canal Street is Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s signature community program that raises funds for children’s charities – and the String Academy of Wisconsin is in the running to be a beneficiary.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Miracle program that has raised more than $12.5 million for hundreds of area children’s […]


by Katya Papatla

Katya Papatla studied at the String Academy of Wisconsin for 13 years. She is currently a freshman at Duke University.

It is 8:00 am and I am sitting in the back row of room 320, watching the usual Saturday morning violin class commence. I observe the small, fumbling hands, watch […]

Off the Shelf: Three Decades as a Jewish Musician in Russia

Stormy Applause

Stormy Applause: Making Music in a Worker’s State, by Rostislav Dubinsky (New York: Hill and Wang), 1989. 292 pages.

Soviet emigre violinist Rostislav Dubinsky recalls the first three decades of the Borodin Quartet in Stormy Applause: Making Music in a Worker’s State. On one level, this is […]

Performing: Reward for Hard Work

by Mimi Zweig

The String Academy offers many performing opportunities for its students. There are solo recitals every other Saturday at noon, and all day long during one weekend of each semester. Honors Recitals scheduled in January and October recognize the outstanding performances from the solo recitals. Other concerts include the Halloween Concert for all […]

Care for Your Most Important Instrument: Your Body

by Darcy Drexler

Your Body: Your MOST important instrument

Today I would like to take a close look at a very precious instrument- the human body. Dr. Rosalie Pratt, music professor at Brigham Young University writes, “Musicians, like athletes, are susceptible to the hazards of a ‘no pain, no gain’ mindset. Too many […]

Tips: What to Bring to Performances

Don't forget, kids! (and parents!)

Many times in the excitement of leaving for a concert or competition, we are frantically trying to get all kids ready and out the door. It may be wise to take one moment and check to see if the following are on the way to the performance with […]

The Value of Competitions

By Mimi Zweig

There are many opportunities for string players to compete at the local, national, and finally as a student progresses, at the international level. The reasons for competing should more or less remain the same as the young aspiring student strives to reach his or her highest potential. The value of competing […]

Shopping for an Instrument

Shopping for an instrument can be daunting.

Bein and Fushi Representative Tells How to Shop for a Violin, Viola or Cello

On September 22, Joe Overmeyer of Bein and Fushi, a well-known violin shop in Chicago, discussed with String Academy families the process of shopping for a violin, viola or cello.