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The Quarter Note – Opus 18 No 1 – December 2008

In this issue: * Among many other student accoplishmients at the SAW, Thaddeus Wasielewski won first place in the 15 to 19-year-old category, playing Allegro Brillante, at the Lake Park Talent Contest.Scott Cook was awarded the 2008 Studio Teacher of the Year award from Civic Music Association. * Alana Dust is appointed as cello faculty * SAW Alum Sarah Kapustin has been appointed first violinist of the Rubens Quartet, based in The Hague. * Cellist Jacob Wunsch won first place in the state-wide American String Teachers Association (ASTA) competition. Read all about it! […]

The Quarter Note – Opus 17 No 1 – May 2008

In this issue:

Dr. Erwin O. Hirsch honored with the 2008 Arts Leadership Award SAW alumni Jamie Hofman is appointed as new violin/viola faculty Tom Springmann remembered SAW alum Alex Ayers makes his debut with the Waukesha Symphony SAW alum Sarah Kapustin wins first place in the International Instrument Competition […]

Caryl McAllister: SAW Student and Volunteer

by Trischa Seaman

Caryl McAllister is well known at the String Academy for the professional graphics she has added to The Quarter Note, The Eighth Note, and faculty recital programs. For the past two years I have known Caryl as an enthusiastic and devoted cello student. It is inspiring and illuminating to me that despite […]

The Quarter Note Opus 1 No 2 – February 1991

In this issue:

Tim Dodge Sr. comes up with snappy winning title for newsletter: The Quarter Note! Interview with Mimi Zweig by Erin Aldridge Tips for the first-year parent Inaugural Board of Directors announced How to care for your instrument

Read all about it!

The Quarter Note Opus 1 No 2 – […]

First Newsletter EVER. October, 1990

Take a trip back in time and see what was new when the String Academy was the new kid on the block in the UWM Music Department. A Mission Statement, some tips for parents, the 10 Commandments for all SAW students, a note from the editor, Darcy Drexler, and more. Read all about […]