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David Becker has had a very busy Spring acting as principal viola in the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra and performing with Waukesha Symphony, Skylight Opera Company, the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, and Oshkosh Symphony. He will return to the Brevard Music Center in July.

Sara Edgerton has played performances with the Skylight Opera this year in addition to recitals with “The Musical Offering” trio in Beloit, West Bend, Watertown, and the Milwaukee Art Museum’s “Mozart Symposium.” Her one year old son, James, also keeps her quite busy.

Julie Hochman returned in December from a sabbatical leave at Indiana University where she studied with Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi. Her December UWM recital was warmly received. Julie has been playing with Oshkosh Symphony, Milwaukee Opera Orchestra, Skylight Opera Theatre, and Bel Canto Orchestra. She and her fiancé, Greg Wolfe, are planning an October wedding.

Sherry Sinift gave a master class at Peabody Preparatory School in Baltimore. She played a recital with Delores Lenore and also performed with Skylight Opera and with the Milwaukee Opera Company as concertmaster.

James Przygocki was soloist with the Home stead High School Orchestra in March and also gave a master class at Peabody Preparatory School. He Is conductor of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony String Orchestra. James also found time to play the Skylight’s production of “Carmen”.

Darcy Drexler has been playing with the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra this year. She was first violinist for Skylight’s “Carmen”. In November she was soloist with the Bloomington-Normal Youth Orchestra. This summer she will return to Vermont to serve on the faculty of the Klllington Music Festival.

Katie Brooks had an unfortunate encounter with a punch bowl and spent a few days in the hospital while doctors pieced her little finger back together. She was not able to perform this semester, but did not miss a beat with her teaching. The doctors give an excellent prognosis for a complete recovery of her finger.

Mimi Zweig spent her sabbatical leave year from Indiana University establishing The String Academy of Wisconsin.  Besides teaching and giving master classes, she also edited her Theory Books for Young Violinists and New Music Editions for Young Violinists.

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