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For the First Year Parent

In the first article, we explored the important steps that a parent must follow to insure their child’s healthy progress.  Hopefully, all is going well.  This issue will speak about the importance of your child’s daily listening to early repertoire and interval tapes.



Developing one’s ear for music is especially important when playing a stringed instrument.  The daily work with repertoire and interval tapes is vital for several reasons:

  1. Your child learns the early piece by ear correctly.  When learning new repertoire on the instrument the child has the new piece in the ear.
  2. Daily listening improves concentration.
  3. Listening helps a child to recognize good intonation and search for a beautiful tone.
  4. By listening to future repertoire, a child is already beginning the learning process for those pieces and is motivated to strive ahead.

Interval  tapes reinforce the aural skills learned in the group lessons. Recognizing intervals is a key to musical understanding and good intonation.  Plus it is fun.  Great music is an inspiration for all ages. Expose your children to the “Great Masters” of classical music – Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many others.  Let your kids take you to some concerts.

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