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String Teacher Workshops

Johannes Moser Masterclass

Kartik Papatla observes a demonstration by Johannes Moser

On January 10, 2010, Johanness Moser gave a guest masterclass at the String Academy.  The masterclass was one in a series of classes made possible by a partnership with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the String Academy of Wisconsin, and was atteneded by a large audience of students families, and guests.  Four students participated in the class:  Deborah Woo played Scherzo by Weber, Christian Morzinski performed Faure’s Elegy, Katie Wasielewsky introduced the audience to Van Goens’ Tarentella, and Kartik Papatla finished up will Haydn’s famous Cello Concerto in C.  All were  accompanied by fine  pianist and SAW friend, Stefanie Jacob.

Mr. Moser’s charisma, warmth, and humor were a big hit with the audience and performers alike.  Perhaps most memorable was his advice on vibrato.  When discussing the importance of vibrating all notes in a passage, Mr. Moser said, “It’s like you have a  family of four, but you only love two of your children.”  His point, of course, was that we should “love”/vibrate all of our “children”/fingers/notes – and not play favorites!

Another helpful tip was an excellent vibrato exercise, which you can see demonstrated in the following video clip.  “Every morning,” Mr. Moser told the class, turn on your metronome to 60, and practice first two vibratos per click/per bow, then three, then four, then six, then eight, until . . .  you’re vibrating so fast that you “fly away!”

Many thanks to Mr. Moser and Milwaukee Symphony for making this class possible.

And from the mail bag:

Dear Darcy,

The cello master class was a wonderful event!  Seamus was thoroughly capitivated– which at his age (7), was truly wonderful to see.  The cello students did a fantastic job and Mr. Moser was extremely engaging.

Many thanks to you and to the String Academy for planning such a stellar experience.  We feel very fortunate to be able to participate in the master class and the String Academy on the whole.


Grace La
Associate Professor
UWM School of Architecture & Urban Planning
Principal, LA DALLMAN

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