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Sarah Kapustin Appointed to Rubens Quartet

String Academy alum Sarah Kapustin has been appointed first violinist of the Rubens Quartet, based in The Hague. This well-established young quartet has an extensive touring schedule. They already have professional management in Europe, and are seeking international management, a United States debut and a residency at a musical institution.

Sarah Kapustin, violin

Sarah Kapustin, violin

Sarah is excited to be a member of the Rubens Quartet. It is always challenging to find the right mix of musical ideas and approaches, personalities and chemistry to have a successful chamber group. Someone had introduced them, and everything clicked into place at the first meeting.

Sarah will continue to tour with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, including concerts this December and next March, which include final concerts in Carnegie Hall. She will also be touring with Marlboro on the Road this spring. Sarah will appear with the Musicians from Marlboro at Ravinia on Friday, May 8, 2009. She just completed her third and final stint as a junior at Marlboro and looks forward to the possibility of returning in a senior position. She is maintaining residencies both in The Hague and New York this year.

On December 10th, Sarah performed a live recital on the French National Classical Radio Network. Collaborating with pianist Maria Bellaoussova, they played the Gabriel Faure Sonata in A major. Sarah had studied chamber music for two years under a Fulbright Scholarship at the Paris Conservatory. Visit www.sarahkapustin.com for more information.

SAW sends congratulations and best wishes Sarah on her new appointment and look forward to seeing her at Ravinia next May.

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