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Kids! Take Your Parents To Concerts!

My growing up years were spent in a very small university community in northern California. My father was such a classical music nut that he installed a tall antenna on the roof of our house to catch the classical music station from San Frandsco which was many miles away. This antenna ensured that our family listened to the radio every waking hour of the day at a very high decibel level (The neighbors were even in on this one).

Performing groups came to our community two to three times a year and these were big events. My parents also took me to every concert within a two hundred mile radius of the house to hear soloists, chamber music, opera and ballet In retrospect I see that this paved the way for my passion of music. Your situation is very different because you are so ery fortunate to live in the dty of Milwaukee which offers a wealth of cultural opportunities. There are concerts, theater, ballet, museums, galleries, enough to keep you busy every night of the week. You have your choice of concerts from the Milwaukee Symphony, Fine Arts Quartet, Artist Series at the Pabst, groups, choral groups and a number of smaller chamber orchestras, and all the String Academy Concerts.

Concerts are a necessary part of your education. You will be hearing music that you are aspiring to play, or have already played. The variety of musical concerts,  rom recitals, to chamber music, to big orchestral concerts will keep you inspired. GO TO CONCERTS!!! Grab your parents and out the door you go to give yourselves a treat!

Mimi Zweig

Click Here for Upcoming SAW concerts and recitals

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