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Members of the Lafayette String Quartet Visit SAW

 the Lafayette String Quartet visits the String Academy (May 1992)

The Lafayette String Quartet visits the String Academy (April 1992)

Saturday, April 4, Grandparent’s Day at the String Academy, began with master classes by members of followed by an informal concert. This event was made possible by the Pabst Artist Series Worklights Residency Program.  After lunch, String Academy students performed their Spring Concert (in two installments, with a reception in between).

Students who performed in the master classes included Rachel Bienemann, Katie Gorsuch, Emily Greene, Eliza Hamner, Jamie Hofman, Cathy Jang, Matthew Jeffers, Sarah Kapustin, Richard Kim, Kendra Kreutz, Meghan McGowan and Tracy Wilson.

The Quartet performed music by Mozart, Beethoven and Britten, and answered questions asked by students, faculty and parents.  Quartet members talked about their training (both individually and as a quartet), daily schedule and future plans  In response to a question about how they are able to communicate so well with each other, one member likened their quartet to a marriage (without the romance), and explained that learning to communicate required much effort and many hours of discussion.

Students, faculty and parents spoke very highly of the Lafayette Quartet’s visit. Participants and observers agreed that the master classes were valuable, and all enjoyed the opportunity to hear the Saturday morning mini-recital.  Many String Academy students attended the Quartet’s Pabst Theater concert on Tuesday, April 4.

Jim Olsen

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