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The Results are In! [Practice Competition 2011]

Congratulations to all who pushed their practicing habits to new levels during our 2011 Practice Competition.  In many ways, everyone who practiced is a winner. The skills and habits that you developed in your daily practice routine have already given you greater discipline, focus, and made you better musicians than you were at the beginning of the month.  With that said, we would like to recognize those students who have practiced daily, who have practiced the most from each group, and our overall winner, Bradley Nowacek! Practice Competition

Special thanks to Culvers for sponsoring free custard for all those who participated!

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

– Vince Lombardi

Daily Practice Awards Group Awards
Seung Hyun Jin
Jona Camancho
Aramis Zaiser
Tia Miller
Isaiah Brotzman
Henry Dallman
Lucia Estrada
Chloe Miller
Gina Shin
Abby Zimmer
Bradley Nowacek
Maya Zimmer
Ingrid Buschkopf
Anirudh Verdartham
Spencer Caton
Michael Fairfield Jr.
Noah Aitch
John Price
Julian Camancho
Sara Orozco
Alondra Rodriguez
Seamus Dallman
Magdalena Lulewicz
John Kim
Maya Groser
Emily Hao
Andrew Miller

Practice Competition Winner Bradley Nowacek

Advanced Cello Ensemble
Seung Hyun Jin

Aaron Moreno

Cello Beginners
Jonathan Camancho

Gina Shin
Goltermann/Duport blue ribbon (group winner!)
Bradley Nowacek

Maya Zimmer

Humoresques (tie)
Ingrid Buschkopf
Ryan Lim

Maya Groser

Noah Aitch

Alondra Rodriguez

Maya Lopez

Rubi Jamison

Seamus Dallman

Margaret Knox

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